Incredibly, both of these gentlemen started off their careers in similar fashion. While Valente Rodriguez found his first big breakthrough co-starring with the super untalented George Lopez on the George Lopez show, Adrian Gonzalez began his major league career with the basement dwelling Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres. As Gonzalez bloomed into an all-star, Valente went into the abyss as the George Lopez, rightfully, tanked. While Valente is by no means talented, he is not a cake eater and sellout like George Lopez. Gonzalez has since been traded to the Red Sox where he is continuing to put-up all-star numbers and just signed a fatty contract. Even better, he gets to hangout with Neyo all the time.


Tony Green said...

I couldn't agree more! I've been saying that for a long time, and decided to google "adrian gonzalez valente rodriguez" tonight while I was watching the Yankees vs. the Bosux, and you were the first result. Thanks for your post! Go Yankees!!!

Anonymous said...

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