Not sure what is more scary, the fact that Redskins fans are excited about John Beck starting for them this upcoming Sunday, or that his supporting cast is worse than the tools his doppelganger, MacGruber, uses to defuse a bomb. In all honesty, I'd rather take my chances stopping the bomb with a battery and a rubber band than try leading the Skins down the field with Sean Locklear protecting my blind side while trying to throw duds to Jabar Gaffney and Donte Stallworth. While Mr. Beck would love to put the jawesome Rookie show that is Cam Newton in his place on Sunday, we here at Resemblog unfortunately think that John Beck will be in for another asshole of a day.


MatthewStaffordsFatHead said...

Well, everyday's a workout when you gotta carry around a 20 pound python in your jeans.

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